Whom it may concern:


We would like to ask if you might be in a position to help with a contribution.


We are an organization that cares for the under privileged. We offer help nationwide, to the less fortunate.We give food parcels to the under priviliged and food to the homeless.


With the Corona virus, redundancies have doubled and the burden on us has become much greater due to people who have lost their jobs as well as people who do not get salaries due to business circumstances. We provide food to the homeless as well as food parcels to people in great need.


Food parcels are delivered on a weekly basis and the cost of such a food parcel is R250 per family per week. Should you open your way to sponsor one or more food parcels for us, please feel free to pay it into our account. Even if it is less everything will definitely help.

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Our International Friends can Donate here